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Commercial Inspections / CCPIA Contains discussions about commercial inspections and the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Exterior Inspections Contains discussions about the exterior portion of a home inspection. This includes roofs, gutters, downspouts, decks, patios, windows, etc. Electrical Inspections Contains discussions about electrical systems. This includes receptacles, panels, wiring, etc. Inspecting HVAC Systems Topics include heating, venting, and air conditioning inspections. Seller Inspections & MoveInCertified Contains discussions about seller inspections and the MoveInCertified program. Interior Inspections Contains discussions about the interior portion of a home inspection. This includes stairs, walls, floors, ceilings, smoke detectors, etc. Thermal Imaging, Infrared Cameras & Energy Audits Contains discussions about thermal imaging, infrared cameras, energy audits, and more. Green Building Inspections Contains discussions about green buildings and specific concerns when inspecting them. Plumbing Inspections Contains discussions about plumbing. Roofing Inspections Contains discussions about inspecting roofs. Ancillary Inspection Services Contains discussions about Radon, Wood Infestation, Water Quality, Well, Septic, Lead, Asbestos, Pool, and Mold inspections. Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications What hardware, software, books, videos, etc have you found useful? What would you like to see more of? This topic is to discuss various inspection-related products and publications. Structural Inspections Contains discussions about the structural portion of a home inspection. This includes foundations, framing, etc.
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