1/0 wire?

dale, this is what is so confusing…visually appears to be 2/0 but states 1/0 on the wire. gotta go with what’s printed and, hey, if it is 2/0, the electrician will point that out but that means he’s gotta take a look and then the ball is in his court to decide…i’ve done my job

I think the electrician is going to send you a wire gauge with the bill Scott…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

dale, you are obviously convinced that it’s 2/0 but how do you dispute the 1/0 printed right on the insulation?

Looks like 1/C to me Scott, but I wasn’t there…:smiley:

Maybe the manufacturer labeled 1/C as…single conductor and the 2/0 is not visible???

But I’m surely not an electrician either, …but!..that looks twice the size of 1/0…from the picture anyway…:shock:

How can you tell?
With nothing relative in the picture, what are you comparing it to?

If I wanted to I could take a photo of a #12 (and nothing else) and scrape off the wording and make it look like 4/0.

Hi Pete…:smiley:

I bet I could tell it wasn’t a 4/0…:smiley: …I bet you could too…!

If his picture of the wire is not enhanced, it just looks much bigger than a 1/0 to me…but…I wasn’t there…just guessing here as you know…:smiley: