$1,000.00 Best-Looking Certified Master Inspector Vehicle Contest.

Agreed John and I was not trying to be smart. the best location on the back is over the GPI. If you think that is a problem it is all over your vehicle.

I agree. A call-to-action is something I’ve never seen on an inspector’s tailgate but would like to.

I could put a small one on the tailgate. I would like to keep it the same on either side so thought I would have the bigger ones there.

Now also don’t have your cell # on the back either as someone will probably call you if you cut them off. I have my office number in both Red reflector for night and silver with black for day.

Love your ride Greg. Great job.

Should be room under the GPI also.

If you don’t drive like an a a s then having it on the back means people can see it when behind you

I want one in reverse type so that when I drive up behind someone they’ll see I am a CMI and move out of my way…

Dan that would depend on what you drive.:mrgreen:

I have large CMI stickers in the back windows of my truck. It would not get any votes, but with the tinted windows, they are very visible. “NSPCTOR” on the license plate.

I will concede to Greg.

Greg, just curious, what did your paint job or graphic work for the truck cost you roughly?

It a full wrap actually. It was $5000.00 with the design work. I get calls weekly that consist of “I saw your truck and took down the number”.


Also a sweet ride Sean.

Like the HHR, Sean. I really want to get one, or maybe a PT Cruiser.

Right now, the Trailblazer works great, is paid for, but horrible gas mileage (15-17 mpg), and I do a lot of 75-100 mile round trip inspections…

Sean and Nathan, your vehicles look great. I like how Nathan has put the certified master inspector above his PH#. Sean, how is your gas mileage? Thought about down grading to something smaller but with our winters a truck still seems like a better option.

Nathan, the back has the words Certified Master Inspector, instead of the logo.

I’d put the © after the title. It will look nice…

Here is the vehicle that strikes fear in the heart of the “North Creia’ns” in California. I had to alter the decal to fit on our wing windows.

23 with the ladder rack.
Those things suck in wet or snow also. they don’t weigh much so they are squirrely. I would go with a smaller truck with 4wd if i were you.