1,000 custom-designed inspection report folders.


US shipping $9
Canada Shipping $105
wow sure costs a lot to transfer to dog sled north of the 49th

wow $900

Here they are in a smaller quantity: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/folders.aspx
Design services included in the price.

Nick, just placed my order and matching Business cards today. I would like to add the Inspection books but will order books another time. Jessica is making some final tweaks to the design then off to printing. Being the first in on this didn’t give much time for you to work out package deals like your Business cards and brochures but printing on both sides of the folders and on the inside pocket is well worth it to me an I’m looking forward to them. Hey, you are working the team to hard. Jessica exchanged emails with me over the weekend on this. You should see what the team came up with for the back of my business cards.

Jessica works 'round the clock to help InterNACHI members. In essence, she’s a member of your inspection company.

My new presentation folders and business cards came in the mail today. They exceeded my expectations and can’t wait to show them off at today inspection. Thanks Jessica and team. Job well down.

I wish I could help you there, but our printer charges us 13% harmonized sales tax on any orders going to Canada. We lump it into the shipping and handling fees for Canadian orders. If Canada didn’t have that 13% tax, your shipping costs would only be $9 as well. Talk to the government up there. :frowning: