1,110 members attended tonight's InterNACHI webinar.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

go go go

Means ill only get two roof inspections a year… Lol

Good webinar Ben, I couldn’t work out how to ask a question. How is payment made?

Sorry I missed it! Hope you do it again. I actually did an Owens Corning roof inspection today. The clients were having issues with the install.

How many people left after it was stated there were NO CEU’s for attending the webinar?

No CEU’s for attending. It was a webinar about http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm

Hi. Can we fax the roof data technician agreement? And if so, can anyone provide the fax number? Thank you,

Fax: (650) 429-2057

Sweet!!! I am waiting for the info to hit Ontario.

Payment is made using a new web-based software program for Roof Data Technicians. Payments come after the roof assignment is complete via check during the pilot. Later, payments will be electronic and immediate.

If you missed the webinar, just visit http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm and click the blue “Log In” button on that page.

That webinar was an online invitation to participate in the program, described at http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm

InterNACHI provides hundreds of hours of training and CE (online and free to members) at http://www.nachi.org/education.htm, http://www.nachi.org/webinar.htm, and http://www.nachi.org/videos.htm

Thanks Ben I will go through it this weekend.

When are we going to be provided the info for Lowes and is there a link for the software to fill out the info and down load pictures to… ???

Also wondered the same thing.
Will we be provided with a link/download for the software, instructions on filling out the forms, uploading pictures, etc., before our first assignment, or does all that come with the first job? Also, when/how do we get set up with Lowes?
We’d like to get prepared so we can hit the ground running!

In the next few days, we’ll be sending out an email to everyone enrolled in the Roof Data Technician program about how to get free materials (shingles, sealant, nails) from your local Lowe’s.

The software for doing a roof inspection for this program will be sent out in the next few days as well. All free. A simple web-based checklist to enter data and upload pictures.

This is all rolling out in waves during the pilot. This week is Florida and Colorado, and then more states in the next few days and weeks ahead.

Stay tuned.