1.2 billion reasons dont vote Liberal

Besides the gas plant scandal, Ornge, etc.

Do you not remember that Mc Guinty added the HST to Home Inspections it used to be just 5% now it is 13% - wow we are tax collectors and most people ***** at us for this additional cost but it is not our fault.

How about now there is 13% HST on gasoline and what is one of our big costs - travel!

Now Liberals want to take our money for a Provincial Pension Plan and they propose to invest it for our future?? NOT for me.

The cost of Electricity continues to rise to the highest in North America, that is driving business out of Ontario, I cant believe the difference in my house electricity costs - OH ya that smart meter!

It goes on and on how the Liberals screwed small business and the general families across Ontario. They sent low income families a small $75 check a few times a year to say it was to help with the HST increase in living expenses.

I know there is no perfect political party. Vote out the Liberals and let all government know that the public will make the decisions and had better listen to us - the people!

1.2 Billion for 2 seats in government - give me a tylenol.

I don’t care if you vote for the BROWN party just get the Liberals out!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.
We will be doomed to financial ruin if they are reelected.


A new multimillion boondoggle hits the news.

The liberal party is at it again!


Any one who votes Liberal needs their head read! The OPP will not release the results of the gas plant scandal until after the election. Bentley, McGuinty and crew should be held responsible.

For goodness sake people, it’s your tax dollars and they are P---- it away faster than we can make it,

Well I must agree with Bryce and $150.00 dollars to offset a $1500.00 increase just does not sound right.:wink:

We just got rid of the PQ in Quebec, elected a Liberal government and they are already changing some of their campaign promises!

There is simply no good party to choose from anymore…

Remember Chretien and his Red Book!