1/2 day Survival Strategies for Home Inspectors in Cincinnati, Ohio on Aug 14, 2007.


I noticed he also slipped Brookfield, WI in there on the 17th. We had been in some disscussion about his coming here and giving us a deal. I guess he decided he didn’t need our chapter and our reasources on this one. Hmmm.

I like vendor who at least check with chapters to see if they might be in conflict with something in our area, or to ask for our support, since they are also emailing our members. Is Joe that thick?

Call him. He’s got a lot of irons in the fire.

I’m sure he does. We had him in mind for another time of the year.

Tell him you want 1/2 off for all your chapter members and that then you will attend and promote for him.

It is a bit tough now because of the late date and about 10 days before our next chapter meeting. As you know, Wisconsin Inspectors are cheap and take some motiviating. I’m sure we could fill up a room 25-40 for him with enough time and the right price. The last I was in touch wth him the best he felt he could do was $99 a head. Now I see that 10 of those heads can get in for $79.

If he pulls it off without us and our WAHI friends, more power to him. If it doesn’t work out we can discuss another date where we can use our resources to fill the room. That particular Courtyard has a room that they claim holds 75 max, but that’s fitting like sardines.