1/2 offer for National and State Lists for NACHI


Is the NACHI price half of the prices on the page at the link? Or is the discount already included in those prices?

What data fields are in the files?

For NACHI Members, the price is 1/2 off the published rate you will see on the notification board- that means cut the price in half as a NACHI member- Hope this helps-
The Information included is listed on the link below, and even includes the fax and e-mail where available-

In either case it will definitely include all the detailed mailing information for anyone interested in a mass mailing-

The systems are separated by SIC coding and by state as well-

Thanks for asking-


If this half of the offer, where is the other half ?.. Oh its supposed to be “half off” not half offer. I get it :smiley:

It’s a 1/2 price offer- 100% of the lists for 1/2 the price.

This offer is effective for the next 90 days. Hope it helps some of the inspectors that want to establish a mailing list at an affordable price.

Much luck and success to NACHI members.

(This offer is valid July, August and September and does not expire until October 1st, 2006)

We have had many inquiries to date. I can send the information 3 different ways. As a deliminated file, as a d-base file or as an excel spreadsheet file. The material can be sent via CD-Rom or e-mailed for those who want it asap-

The most popular files are Real Estate offices and Real Estate Attorney offices- both offer name, address and phones numbers. In a d-base file the information can be searched and sorted as needed.