$1.3 billion lottery and growing

Will you purchase any lottery tickets for the Wednesday drawing?

i should because a voodoo lady who tells you your fortune by squeezing a goat’s test–cles, just told me to play, she’s wonderful.


Voodoo Lives Matter

I will definitely be playing.

As we often do, my wife and I discuss what we would do if we won. My wife, being very charitable, would want to give everything away except maybe a couple million for us to keep.

I insist on seeing some great friends I haven’t seen in quite a while. One lives in Homestead, Florida, one lives in Daytona.

So, I would definitely go and see my good buddies in Florida I’ve never met–Roy Lewis, Marc Goldenberg and Dave Fetty.

I hope I win!!

Hope to see you soon! Let’s go fishing. :slight_smile:

Nick or someone should put together a home inspector pool. We all thro 10 bucks in towarda the 1.3 billion dollar pool.

Or how about this variation which would have a GUARANTEED payoff…
Everyone throw in $20, and the day after the Powerball drawing, the kitty gets divided up equally amongst all that contributed!

Id rather take a 10 chance at a billion than an even money payoff anyday… Either way I’m sure I’ll try a $2 (I think that’s what a ticket cost) chance at it!

…but if you pool your money, you won’t have a chance at a Billion, only an equal share of any winnings based upon the total number of participants… minus admin and legal fees…

Admit it… you’ve already been out this morning and purchased $20 worth! :razz:

Never fished the ocean, would love to go deep sea fishing, you got a deal, Dave.

In fact, when I win, I’ll buy the boat! :wink:

I contributed $50 bucks last night and that was my yearly allowance so for Wed its a no go;-)

Lease one big enough to host a Nachi Members Only Convention! (business expense, write it off, you’re gonna need it)!

Saltwater is the best! you literally never know what you might catch, did you see the footage of that Marlin boarding a vessel last week?

Did you check your tickets?

Maybe you won a few bucks that you can parlay on the next drawing.

I bought 3 tickets but haven’t checked them yet…maybe I’m a hundredaire:wink:

Hope she was kind to your testicles, you old goat… :wink:

Why can’t we have more million dollar winners ? I would think if it was 10 million, most people would be just fine with that. And they could pay for their Obama Care with it. I can’t believe that all the odds are not played.
The NACHI pool is a great idea. It could a ancillary course. “The NACHI lotto Pool” I’m not sure how many members there are here, but as stated in previous posts, there are some great ideas indeed.


Great idea, Jeff!

I’ll name you Captain! :stuck_out_tongue: