1-Day Commercial Inspection Course in Philly

Our Commercial Inspection Course is scheduled for Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday, November 24th.

Contact Scott Gilligan of Joe Farsetta for information.

Course price? Just $150 for NACHI members. We are also running a membership drive for Scott’s Chapter.

Great course at a great price!

More info to follow.


Special price for non-NACHI members includes a 1 year membership in NACHI.

We refer all attending to park in the Ritz East Parking Garage located around the corner from the hotel on 2nd Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets. Rates are $14.00 for up to 10 hours and $15.00 for up to 24 hours.

Orlando Please


If there is interest, I’ll come on down. Call me.

Class is filling up very quickly! If you haven’t registared already, sign up now to ensure you reserve your spot.

Class is officially 1/3 full with over a month to go. Save your spot now before other announcements are made to the general inspection industry.

Also, I just got a call from a company that offers IR training in Burlington County, New Jersey. They will be donating two $100 gift certificates for their IR training. More door prizes are in the works!

When can we get the course in Florida? Orlando is a good spot.


I’d be happy to come to Orlando. E-mail or PM me.

Joe, no I didn’t get the e-mail yesterday and nothing today. I would imagine it"s still on for the 24th


We have been getting a lot of out of town guys signing up for the course on the 24th of November. I set up a prefered rate with the hotel where the class is being held. If you want to take advantage of the prefered rate, mention that you are there for the NACHI meeting the next morning.

Seats still available.

[size=5]New Hampshire Seminar[/size]

**[size=3]Hi to all! **
**I’m pleased to announce that once again Joe Farsetta came through for New Hampshire. **

On December 08, 2007 Joe traveled to New Hampshire to give an excellent presentation entitled “Certified Commercial Inspector”!

**This presentation was focused on dissecting and more importantly understanding ASTM 2018 -1. Joe was able to take each section of this nationally recognized standard and dissect it while explaining the true meaning of what you were reading. **

Many of us “thought” that we knew/understood this nationally recognized standard but after Joe finished explaining it we realized that it is extremely easy to misunderstand sections and to go astray.

We live in a litigious society and if you do not fully understand the national standards/guidelines that you must adhere to you will leave the door wide open for a lawsuit and soon find yourself at the mercy of anyone who wants to make a “quick buck” off if you!

I strongly recommend this course to those “experienced” Commercial Inspectors who all are already in the business and for those residential inspectors who want to further their education.

**Once again, kudos to Joe Farsetta for an excellent presentation and I highly recommend this course!:grin: **