1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Nashville, TN on Feb 23, 2007.



Did this course get state approved for continuing education credit?

How many have signed up?

Larry - So far in all other posts, whenever a course has been approved for State CEUs, it has been included in the announcement.

Does TN require state approval?

Just asking. I really don’t know.

Yes, Tennessee requires state approval.


Website indicates that the course is not approved for Tennessee

Perhaps the course is in the “approval stage” and is expected to be approved before the February class date. Maybe Paul can add something, here…

Last month I was told that the course was in the approval stage.

I guess I am lost on all the State Approval stuff in regards to CE…I sure hope I dont get a class full of people JUST there to get CE credits and really did not come to learn anything…that would be SUCH a bummer…lol

Some who live in states that control the home inspection profession are told what they must learn. They are required by their state to attend so many hours of this mandatory training at their own expense (fees and time away from their business).

Because of this imposed requirement, many (not all) limit their time, money and attention to those events that are recognized toward that end. Paying a fee to attend an electrical seminar that WILL NOT count toward their required number of CEUs still leaves them with the need to spend more money and more time later in the year to attend another electrical seminar that WILL count toward their requirement.

It’s one of the educational limitations derived from socializing the profession.

Licensing solves nothing.

Perhaps Tom Raush who provides the education for nachi could comment on getting the course approved?

Have enough people signed up for the course?

Ironically…I would like to know that as well…lol…

I will be there if it is state approved. Do we know that?

lol…man I dont know…If people are only coming to get some CEU credits…I would probably prefer them not come…I want people who want to learn…:slight_smile:

I leave that State Approved junk to TOM…I educate and leave that to others…

Yes Carol…this class is a GO !

Yeah, I saw that Paul - I’m really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I’ll then have to rush straight to the airport afterward to head Denver for the commercial course.

I hope my brain doesn’t go into overload mode. :shock::roll::shock:

I’ll do my BEST Carol…to see that your BRAIN is SMOKIN !