1-day free Pre-Drywall Inspection Seminar in Kilgore, Texas on September 12, 2015.


Florida left out again! Yep!

Why would our members in Texas hold a training seminar in Florida?

Are you and your fellow Florida members hosting seminars in Texas?

We feel left out again!
When did Florida get a free 1-day free Pre-Drywall Inspection Seminar.

No one is stopping you. Do it!.

Are you under the misimpression that I put on all these events? I don’t. Members put these events together for themselves.

I’m in Colorado. We have two training seminars here a month.

Maybe send Roy a box of Huggies and box of Kleenex as a consolation prize? :roll:

When was the last time your State association or local INACHI Chapter put on an event of this type? :roll:

Any chance we will have this seminar in Central Texas, Houston or Dallas? How about on-line, with CE credit? I am planning on taking the framing & structure course on-line because it is the closest this available to a pre-drywall class. Thanks!


If you are not in the Kilgore or East Texas area, TPREIA does have classes scheduled iin other major cities across the State.

Watch your email inbox for these events.