1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Dallas, Texas on November 10, 2006.


Texas inspectors should be aware that this course does not appear to be approved by TREC therefore will not likely count towards TREC CE requirements. If that’s important to you then I recommend checking with TREC prior to signing up. This is not meant as a reflection on the quality of the course, it may very well be superb, just simply that it does not appear to meet state CE requirements.

The presenters and NACHI could get this all future TREC CE approved if they are willing to apply and pay $25.00 fee


Whats the big deal about paying $25 to be approved
by TREC? Does anyone care?

Actually John, it’s $400 for the Provider application, $25 for the Instructor application and $100 for each specific course to be given. These applications should all be 60 days in advance of the proposed course. So, for NCT to get approved it would be $525 up front then $100 for any future courses. Still, very little money to get approved but someone at NCT has to do it. And, no I don’t think anyone cares.