1-day monster meeting at Kansas City NACHI Chapter in Lenexa, KS on August 19, 2006.


Nick, I resemble that remark!!

I take great exception to being refered to as a monster :mrgreen:



Come on Gerry, I know you have been called worse. Mostly by me!

Thats true enough :smiley:


Should I reserve a flatbed with a cage for Gerry’s limosine service? A big banner "Danger Nachi Monster, Keep hands away from the cage? :stuck_out_tongue:

For those planning on attending please RSVP with an email or pm back to me, so that I can get the food count right. Nothing worse than a bunch of hungry inspectors trying to learn, but cant hear over the noise of growling bellies! Totoville@msn.com




Get me your RSVP’s. please. Need a head count. Grumpy inspectors are good. Hungry and grumpy inspectors are impossible to deal with.


Gerry, I’m having trouble relating to your recent comments. :wink:



:smiley: And now it wears bifocals. ugggggggh.

Just your regular neighborhood Certified Monster Inspector. CMI for short if you prefer, thank you very much! :smiley:

I’m going.

And some (the unenlightened) have referred to me as a monster (mobster, Chicago, you know), whatever.

Gerry, want to do another run? :mrgreen:

All MONSTA’s are welcomed :mrgreen: Hey John is that tape measure still working?:wink:


For my height or John’s (pardon me) girth? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sorry, Paul, I couldn’t resist.

Hope to see you ALL there. THIS is what makes NACHI great. Local guys getting to rub elbows with Paul (A truely great inspector), John Bowman (A legend, especially with regards to HI legislation), Gerry (A great educator, and one who speaks something like the King’s English as well) and John O, (You will be there, won;t you John???).

Look, guys. If you want to learn, all you have to do is show up.

NACHI is about leading a horse to water.

If you drink, drink deep.

Your choice (always is).

Mr. O is more than welcomed to show up with his monsta mo by el. I know, for a fact, that Dan Bowers would be interested and talking with him somewhat.

As for the education. Carl Brown is NUMERO ONO on the AHJ hit list, and thats no lie. Mr. BadStucco will be speaking on vapor barriers. It seems that a few of our larger contractors do not know of its importance, how it should be installed and where it should be installed. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if flashing problems are covered.

For those of you who read the Barbie post by Carl, this just fits perfectly. Many Barbie’s around here live in MFG. Housing. Gerry Beaumont and his MFG Housing seminar will fill the PM slot. Afterwards, well, lets just say its Saturday night.

Again, new and old monsta’s are welcomed. Big ones, small ones it dun matta. See ya next Will.


I am so sorry. I mis-spoke (mis-typed) last evening. I won’t be able to make the KC event. I have a previous engagement here, in Chicago.

Next time, definately.

I really gotta get a better calendar!

Ah, crap, I was really looking forward to meeting you Will. Hopefully we will in the future.

Anyone who inspects in either KS or MO should be at this meeting to attend the roundtable concerning the legislation outlook in both of these states.

I want to let Paul know and in fact everyone else out there know, it was a great meeting, it’s just unfortunate that someone forgot thier driver’s license, but I believe it worked out for the better. It was good to see who is on what side of the legislative fence and why. We have got a lot of work to do in Kansas regarding legislation, but Paul should be commended on the way the training and meeting went. Carl’s knowledge of stucco was well worth the time and effort. Now the brisket and beans they definately added flavor and smell to the discussion of legislation that afternoon. Thanks Paul, John Bowman and Bliane Wiley for being there and providing us with some good information and past experiences.

Oh yes, I don’t want to forget that Dan Bowers gave us some good insight into the world of HI legislation and experiences as well. Thanks, Dan or is it DL or is it Rambo. Looking forward to continuing discussions on KS legislation.