1-hour Advantage presentation in Chattanooga, Tennessee on June 29, 2007.


So, Nachi is still supporting the Advantage Franchise?

NACHI is still backing a company the has publicly announced their goal is to take over the inspection business AND eliminate all competition (i.e. other NACHI members) doesn’t make much sense? Please explain Nick?

There are still mom and pop hamburger joints across the street from a Mcdonald’s. I don’t think you need to get your jets in an uproar.

I see the key to this opportunity is for those of you that want to generate a multi-inspector organization where you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

If you are a one-man-band and find yourself doing the job of five people, you may find that in your elder years where you have seen a lot, you can manage a HI company without doing all the field work.

There are several states that require a number of supervised inspections before you can go it alone. I saw this as an “opportunity” for seasoned HI’s. But for you that want to crawl under houses into your golden years…

Just take it for what it is worth.
They are not taking over the HI world, just offering and option that leads down the path of where things may be going.

In a year or two, every HI will have an IR camera in his cell phone!

I’m not playing into the Bill Gates (Apple/Microsoft) and Ken Olsen (Digital Equipment Corp.) “no one will need a computer in their home,thing”!

I went horseback riding in the Smokey Mountains with multi millionaire contractors this weekend. They got two phone calls each and likely made several thousand dollars in their absence. I made nothing in my absence!
I make a lot of money and can join these guys, but if I fall of a roof this week (or my horse on vacation), I may be bankrupt next month.

This may not be for you, but…

So don’t be jumping all over Nick. He is looking out for more that just you young bucks!

Your missing my point Dvid… Its the fact NACHI singling out ONE member for endorsement where its should endorse ALL MEMBER AS ONE,… not a particular company. I could care less what they or how they market on their own.

I’m not playing into the Bill Gates (Apple/Microsoft) and Ken Olsen (Digital Equipment Corp.) “no one will need a computer in their home,thing”!

““I went horseback riding in the Smokey Mountains with multi millionaire contractors this weekend. They got two phone calls each and likely made several thousand dollars in their absence. I made nothing in my absence!
I make a lot of money and can join these guys, but if I fall of a roof this week (or my horse on vacation), I may be bankrupt next month.”” -X

If that is your case you should persue taking care of your friends horses rather than be a poor home inspector. I think Advantage sucks! and will hurt what NACHI is all about. If NICK is now promoting Advantage there should be something in the works that we do not know about. The only good about Advantage that I know is that Advantage is good for dogs to get rid of the fleas. Advantage = No fleas

In noticed you are from Tennessee. Maybe Advantage is good for you.](*,) :roll:

John M. Acaron

Peter, I promote any member’s company, product, service or event. What is it that they are doing particularly that is so horrible that you think I should “single them out” as the only member’s company, product, service or event I shouldn’t promote? It must be something pretty awful for you to think I should “single them out” and not promote their gig.

Am I to assume you are not trying to do the same thing in your little part of the world?

Advantage is just another option.
There is another point of view besides one inspector does it all.
I’m just pointing that out. I’m am not for or against it. I’m just expounding on the point of view.

Some things to ponder about being a one-man show:
Every day you wake up your unemployed.
If you are not doing a home inspection, you’re not making any money.
When you’re out marketing, you’re not making an income.
If you’re conducting a home inspection and discussing your findings with your client and the phone rings, if you don’t have someone to answer the phone either your current client or your future client is neglected.
You’re a good home inspector, but are you a good bill collector, marketing guru, office manager, trainer?

I see a lot of home inspectors who just can’t get over the hump. There is a considerable expense and a considerable amount of business management involved in making a home inspection company work. There are one person home inspection entities that hang out here with over 7000 threads to their name. That’s over 600 work hours or 3.75 months spent on this site (not making any money by the way!). It appears to me something’s (or someone’s) not working.These inspectors have something to bring to the table and may benefit by being involved with this type of business.

And by the way, advantage is not looking for home inspectors, they are looking for business managers that know something about home inspection and construction.

It does not appear to me that advantage is trying to take over the industry, rather conduct business from a different direction. That’s just my opinion from what I read. I don’t see the basis for you saying they suck. Would you appreciate another NACHI member coming on this international forum saying that you suck because you conduct your business different than some?I see a lot of other businesses spinning off through NACHI. What makes this one any different?

Are you just upset because Nick didn’t coddle you?

I am sure Nick is supporting advantage because advantage provides an opportunity for NACHI home inspectors to benefit from a service that helps promote the home inspector. Just because it’s not for you…

David, I hope you are correct. We have perceive Advantage for what their name means (Just go over their clip again), taking advantage from those that can not make it in the HI business and are willing to pay extra fees (more membership/franchise fees) to continue gambling in the HI business. We all have established our own business to have control of our destiny and succeed. NACHI has given us the tools to make our business a successful, profitable and meaningfull business for all parties involved.

Have you watch their clip? I as a HI business owner, when I saw the clip it gave me a bad taste. My organization is capable to promote, develop market strategies and and gain the trust of the clients without being part of a marketing organization that wants to take over the industry and standardize the way business is performed (control).

I do have a lot of respect for Nick. He has made NACHI a strong, powerfull and successful organization. Much of the credit belongs also to his outstanding staff, but I do not agree that he should get involved in promoting an organization that wants to streamline the HI business to be just one.

Here is the famous movie clip.
They said: “We will wipe out the competition” in other words you are with them or you will be out of the business. How about that? “It is a matter of time” ****We have the resources, money and knowledge to take over the industry" Maybe…we will see…](*,)

They want to change the industry in changing how the business is perform. Inspections up front. Well guess what; we are already doing so. Now keep in mind most sellers are very reluctant in spending money up-front for a HI. You might have to cut in half your charges for a CHI in order to entice a homeowner to pay for a pre-HI. We do approximately 15% and to be honest with you, it does not make a different to us. To me is more exiting to perform the inspection for the buyer, it creates a stage for negotiating and gratification. ***Inspected Once, Inspected Right!:stuck_out_tongue: ***

Anyhow, I was just in shock when I saw Nick strongly promoting this company, got me by surprise. I hope that he move away from this issue and stay in course to making NACHI the world elite #1 HI organization. We need the power of NACHI in Florida5o set the industry standards. Good luck my friend.


Yea, I agree with you.
But Nick has to cover all the bases.
Just because he endorses a service/product does not mean it’s for everyone.
It’s an option for those who may need it. Some HI’s need to be held by the hand more than others. It’s a big job and we are all weak in one area or the other. A little help may be in order for some.

Advantage is only a group of about 20 from what I can see.
I don’t see twenty taking over NACHI any time soon.
As I posted, there are mom & pop burger joints across the street from MacD’s.

Wal-Mart is about the only one around here that really takes over the market share.

we must be aware that franchising has been the trend in the Real Estate market over the years. For one reason or the other, it may happen here as well. The next logical step for an established HI company may require consolidation of sorts.

Watch and LISTEN to their video for starters. Try that. BUT, put yourself in the shoes of a typical NACHI member. A single independant home inspector. (i.e. Mom and Pop hardware store, as Home Depot is looking for land across the street) and if you cant see or hear anything that would be insulting to us for you to promote them, then I guess Im wrong and Ill shut up. Tell me Im wrong and Ill shut up.

You still don’t get my point. I could care less about competition, who they are, or how they sell it. Competition is good for everyone. Its keeps businesses honest, and prices reasonable to the consumer. My beef is with NACHI being the vehicle (Nick as the spokes model) for their campaign of supreme dominance of the inspection world. Its bad taste and insulting. Good luck to them I say, But, BUT, BUT. Again, its an insult for me as a NACHI member that its going through NACHI for “heavy” promotion. I am a single independent home inspector and when I watch a video of a company Nick openly endorses, without taking into consideration the feelings of the majority of the members of NACHI (Single independent inspectors) and link a video that basically says we are not the way of the future, and will be out of business when they take over is insulting, how else should I perceive it David? I know (or its obvious) you are connected to them in some way so I’m preaching to the choir per say, but give me the dignity that Nick hasn’t and admit their video is arrognt and insulting especially posted from an org made up of mostly independent home inspectors…


I feel your pain.

You may not know this about me, but I personally oppose all forms of state controls over the home inspection industry. I personally believe that there is no such thing as a “good home inspection bill” for they all morph, as they move through the legislative process, into something that neither side wants by the time it hits the governor’s desk. We see it time after time…but, enough on that. Suffice it to say that I feel that licensing hurts the entire profession.

Yet…when a chapter in a particular state gets together and writes a bill and ask Nick to help them promote it over the ASHI bill…he does.

Would I (and many others) prefer him to oppose both bills and use NACHI’s clout consistantly to squash all attempts for people to turn their marketing plans into laws that impose hardship on some while grandfathering themselves? You bet.

But NACHI is a 10,000 man/woman association that encompasses people who are on just about every side of every issue known to mankind.

Nick is not there supporting ideals, policies or philosphies. He is supporting NACHI members.

While it bugs the crap out of me sometimes, as it certainly does you, I have to admit that…I wouldn’t want it or expect it to be any other way.

You are taking this too personally! The majority of NACHI members feel that they’re the biggest, the best and that “resistance is futile”! So are you calling the kettle black? Advantage is the opinion of about 20 people! They have a point, which you should possibly consider. It may be the evolution of this business at some time in the future and you should position yourself accordingly whether you wish to belong or not belong. My beef is that you feel Nick and NACHI must only look out for your interests. Just because you feel intimidated by a video clip…

[size=2]No, I’m not in any way associated or affiliated in any way.

[size=2]Do you market yourself as the average old home inspector that does everything like everybody else? Don’t you not have a better plan? I think most marketing campaigns can be considered arrogant.

Because we are mostly independent home inspectors we must reject all other trains of thought?

One of the most popular things of NACHI is that everyone pitches in and lends a helping hand. Well personally, I feel that there are a lot of home inspectors around here that need a helping hand and belonging to an affiliated group of home inspectors who are willing to help them out in areas where there are lacking may fit the bill for some. I for one will be the first to admit that I lack in several areas of my business because I just don’t have the time, resources or education to bring them up to speed.

A lot of things on this board are posted that we all don’t personally like or subscribe to. Just ignore it!

My objection is that publicly announcing that a affiliated NACHI member" sucks" is not professional and is not warranted.

I am playing the devels advocate here, not trying to shove anything down your throat.

Objecting to how Nick presents home inspection options to us all, just because it doesn’t fit your bill is not appropriate either.


Im going through all my posts and can’t find where I used the work “suck”???

I think you just admitted it was inappropriate on Nicks part too???

David you got me confused on your stance Bro. I’ll let it go for the sake of not arguing or getting you more confused.

Nick, do you read the ads, watch the videos, or gather any information about Vendors or their products before you post them here and allow them to use the NACHI Logo as part of their marketing?

Is there any other connection between NACHI and Advantage that we are not aware of? You’ve been pushing your new FetchReport System pretty hard lately, telling us how great it will be for all NACHI Members, if that’s true, why are you endorsing an organization directly in competition with your stated goal of dominating the Listing Inspection Market, how is that good for NACHI Members?

If you read Advantage’s literature and watch their video you will see that it is not just another Home Inspection Company, we compete with each other and other HI Companies everyday, but Advantage is another Home Inspection** ORGANIZATION** whose stated goal is to dominate the HI Industry including both NACHI Inspectors and NACHI itself, and all other HI Associations. If they were able to do so, how does that not harm individual NACHI Inspectors?


NACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Nick Gromicko and Advantage Inspection International are joining forces to provide inspectors an avenue to grow their businesses from beyond themselves to beyond their dreams.

For the first time, NACHI and Nick Gromicko are endorsing an inspection franchise as one that will definitely change the way inspectors, REALTORS and consumers buy inspections. "*

If we were all to believe the Advantage line of bull, and follow your endorsement and join Advantage, why would we have any need for NACHI? Advantage has its own training, its own SOP, its own reporting software, and its own 24/7 help line, along with I imagine a future line of “Products” for its franchisees.

I’m with Peter and the others who view Advantage and your endorsement as a threat to my business, not an *Advantage

They’re just another franchise scheme. Some will feel that it’s worth plunking down the bucks and most will not. Hooking up with Realtors may be their downfall, rather than the prize. Homebuyers are (more and more) moving away from a model that has real estate agents help them choose an inspector

Their marketing talk blows a lot of smoke but then, who cares. If they are going to end up with all their inspectors being NACHI members, that’s OK too.

Nick is simply doing what he does with any other NACHI member that provides an inspection product or service. If they end up doing something illegal, I’m sure he will remove them. Having a page among the thousands on the NACHI site is not likely to get them far anyway.


Actually, if you viewed the “stuff” , Advantage is working the pre-listing angle, which in many cases goes against the grain of many Realtors and seems not to be an area of much interest to many NACHI members. Nick still endorses pre-listing inspections, hope you don’t fault him for that.

Peter, I am sorry for implying YOU uses this word. It was John not you.

Peter, just chill and take Advantage for what it is. There are more battles in this war to be concerned about. As you read these posts, you will see that those that do not strongly oppose Advantage are just taking it , or leaving it.

David, If you have read Nick’s post and campaign for Fetch report you’ll see that it is also targeted at dominating the Listing Inspection Market, what there is of it.

What makes Advantage any different than other franchise companies like Pillar to Post etc? This is Nick’s Association, we don’t vote, he can do as he likes, but endorsing a franchise that is in direct competition with both his stated goals and individual NACHI Inspectors doesn’t, to me, appear to be in our best interests, maybe it’s in Nick’s.

Do you think Nick should come into your local market, which he did, and endorse one NACHI Inspector over another?

Advantage is going no where, and I don’t believe Nick’s Fetch Report will do much either.

I think the best they will do is leave everyone the impression that they dominate Tennessee. As for Nick, he’s just an equal opportunity promoter as far as Advantage goes. He has always advocated pre-listing inspections. I think many inspectors would love to do them but so far there hasn’t seem to have been any effective way to market the concept.

Creating a franchise around the concept is a pretty big gamble, but heck, they are counting on gambling with the potential franchisees money. As far as I can see, it is pretty much a training company that has figured out a way to grossly overcharge it’s students. Me thinks they are counting on PT Barnum being right.

Given the time it takes to get a home inspction business to begin to turn a profit, add the additional expense of a franchise that limits you to a fairly small geographical area, and I think they have a prescription for making enemies of their own franchisees in pretty short order. IMO

It will be interested in seeing where they are 5 years form now. My guess is Aruba.