1-Min Excerpt from Climate Change & Home Inspectors video

1-Min Excerpt from Climate Change & Home Inspectors video

Watch the entire video Climate Change & Home Inspectors by visiting http://www.nachi.org/energy.htm

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Nice job Ben. We are facing a crisis issue with regard to our environment and finite resources. The impact we can promote as energy efficiency inspectors can dramatically effect change.
New construction codes may provide for this, but the reality is that a majority of homes in the US are inefficient by virtue of their age and design. I’m installing a new on demand Rinnali hot water heat in 2016 which can service as a hydronic heater in the future when I change out the furnace. There are better options available that can be utilized in older homes.
BTW the Hoyt 40 gallon served me well for some 35 years…don’t build them like that anymore!

Saving money and adding comfort can be a good motivator to do energy evaluations.

To say home improvements can have a serious impact on global warming might be a stretch. Also, the subject of global warming is such a political issue… you might lose a large portion of clients by even connecting the issue of global warming. Just saying.

Oh a fair bit more than a simple stretch. Uff dah

I don’t believe I did. The transcript is at http://www.nachi.org/energy.htm

I did say that home energy improvements can allow new and existing buildings to use less energy to accomplish the same functions, leading to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Largest green house gas is water vapor. Funny how it is never discussed.

Funny. It is https://youtu.be/kHe-Wd2cKWI?t=7m16s within the video.

I meant in the context of scientific discussions compared to “carbon”(dirty black nasty stuff) which is actually carbon dioxide(claimed global warming gas) a colorless odorless gas making up 0.04 % of our atmosphere that is essential for life on our blue marble of a planet.

Nice Job Ben most appreciate in what you do .

Michael, understood.
Wayne, thanks. Home inspectors are in a great position to educate millions of homeowners every year. Home safety issues, hazards, functionality, and energy are all great opportunities for discussion.

And home energy is no longer a difficult topic for any home inspector, because of the education, marketing, tools, and software provided by InterNACHI.

I am sure some that disagree with the topic will use the tools you give Ben to enhance their income .

OK Ben

That sounds like a good balance.