1 Page Mold Site Complete

I finished my mold site. All I’m waiting on is to link my mold sample report once I get it updated. The rest of the site is fully functional and is only 1 page. Please take a look and let me know if you would do anything different. Thank you!

Link: http://www.stlmoldpro.com

Looks Good Billy, plenty of good information on this page. I was able to capture it in the first 7 seconds. Haven’t talk to you in a while. Hope all is well.:smiley:

Very good site billy. I am considering doing something similar here. Thanks for sharing and offering a good example

Peace of mind :wink:

Do you have it linked to your main site?

Do you see this?
Hard to read.

This has not been posted in a while.

It lets you know how your web pages look in multiple browsers.


That’s pretty cool, thanks

Looks awesome, Great info.

I couldn’t get the sample report to come up.

Billy said he was still working on that.

Mold testing is to much of a liability, and a “racket” IMO.

Molds are everywhere, and vital to the breakdown of organic matter in the environment. There are no local, state, or national standards of mold readings/results. Some people are allergic, some are not. Only a doctor can determine what molds a person is allergic to. Molds can hide behind walls, carpet, flooring, etc.

Use caution.

Gary your posts are needed here :slight_smile:

There’s liability in everything we do, and some say the whole Inspection industry is a racket. Do what you’re comfortable with.


Looks good!