$1 trillion in commercial real estate to be refinanced

Was kinda wondering why my phone stopped ringing :frowning:

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You might appreciate this chart Gerry.

I might if I could see it :frowning:


Sorry. Click on this smaller version.


Sure doesn’t surprise me Mike…the commercial market is terrible here, but the REO market is beyond wild, I have never had so many calls per day for quotes ever.

But I’m guessing some big time investors maybe kicking the commercial real estate market up a notch buying some VERY highly discounted commercial properties in some high demand locations…but I think it will be at least another year or LONGER.

Gerry—Hang in there Mate, it can only get worse before it gets better----:stuck_out_tongue:

It is really incredible here, I haven’t inspected enough commercial buildings this year to speak of, now Residential REO’S are selling like hotcakes, I’m booked solid week after week–:shock:–:twisted:…with some really torn up Love Shacks, and some in not bad condition as well—:smiley:

A lot of buyers are having a couple inspections done before they find one not needing major purchases, like the Package Unit missing from the roof which was sold at a last minute “Yard Sale”, (as one example)–:shock:

“Oh that’s why the thermostat doesn’t work” (if the electricity is on to even say that)—:smiley:

It’s crazy out there I know that, but VERY busy!!

This is good news (not bad news) for inspectors. Shuffling the deck = deals (transactions).