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Hello Gang!

We just produced a new video for our How To page! Below are 2 links of the same video but with different theme music. Let me know which one you like!

Video 1

Video 2



Video 2

I like 2, but I swear I’ve heard that before in a virtual instrument package demo.
Storm Drum2?

Either way anything is better than the lame jazzy music that is almost every other Nachi video.

But if you ever need more music clips, I can make them. I’d gladly trade music clips for “How to Books” or discounts off of membership.

Neither. Why do you feel you need background music distracting from the narrative?

I’m sorry that you do not like the music. Statistically more people enjoy background music than those that do not. Also, there have been some great research showing that the background music actually helps in retaining information in videos. But I can also understand how it might be a distraction for some.