$10,000 Honor Guarantee question

Does this “Honor Guarantee” when prominently posted on a member’s website cover theft of copyright materials from other fellow members websites?:wink:

I mean how “honorable” and trustworthy in someone else home can the InterNACHI inspector truly be if he steals copy-written materials from other businessmen?

Shouldn’t the perpetrator be forced to reimburse the victim for any gleaned income directly a result of advertising a fellow member’s property? And if not properly reimbursed, shouldn’t the victim of the theft be reimbursed by the Honor Guarantee since the perpetrator boasts themselves as honorable and backed by InterNACHI with such a guarantee?

You been plagiarized?

Word for word and photo for photo

Although it is technically a fidelity bond that InterNACHI provides to all InterNACHI members for free… that is not its primary purpose. It’s primary purpose is to provide InterNACHI members with a killer marketing tool that includes the words “honor” and “guarantee” in it.

As you all know, I’ve Trademarked taglines for InterNACHI members to use including:

  • The right inspector, right away
  • Anyone else is just looking around
  • Inspected once, inspected right
  • Bringing clean air to life

I tried for years to come up with something our members could put on their websites (a webseal even) that included the word “honor” and the word “guarantee.” Then one day, while sitting under an apple tree… something hit me.

And you have been reimbursed by members (through membership fees) to use your killer marketing.
A member is using my killer marketing/property and has not reimbursed me for such use.

Bill, I had my content plagerized and if you report to Google the offender will be punished.

Go to Copyscape and get the proof http://www.copyscape.com/

Isn’t imitation a confirmation of your good work?

In your same work area?

That’s what I was about to ask. The answer has to do with damages.

In other words … it is simply another knot in a long thin strand of marketing rhetoric that is intended to provide no actual material coverage in spite of what it implies.

In other words, it’s a nachi-ism.:wink:

Are you sure they are not just re-sharing your post through G+? I use G+ and re-share some post, but it always shows who the original poster is.

Welcome to the world of lazy business owners. Don’t do anything yourself. Borrow, beg, and cajole others into giving up their work product, language, marketing and anything else you can use, just so you don’t have to start from scratch. And when you are even lazier, just steal it. :roll: :twisted:

Same question here.

Jim Bushart writes:

I certainly would hope that no member needs our free Honor Guarantee to provide actual material coverage for theft! Jim, you make the dumbest posts. You’re making them intentionally… yes?

It’s a marketing tool, which works and leads to more inspections for InterNACHI members, which leads to greater profits for InterNACHI members, which leads to greater ability at providing a roof over the heads of InterNACHI members’ families… and those roofs provide the “coverage” I want their families to have.

Potential clients love it.

Let’ just rephrase that a bit…

I certainly would hope that that no fellow member would stoop so low as to steal someone else hard work for their monetary gain.
It’s a marketing tool, which works and leads to more inspections for the THIEF, which leads to greater profits for the THIEF who didn’t spend long hours and money developing it, which leads to providing a roof over the head of the THIEF’s family and nothing over mine or my family in return… That roof provides the coverage which I want MY family to have… not the THIEF!

I have and do provide my services across the U.S. So yes, they are infringing on my territory.

That’s how I interpreted what Nick wrote in post #4. The $10,000 Honor Guarantee is similar to the Home By Back Warranty, InterNachi has no intention of ever needing to “honor” it.

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Did you contact your fellow member? What was the member’s response?

If you want to give me the information, I can contact the member on your behalf, but you should try first. Perhaps it was an honest mistake.

Correct. We have every intention of honoring it, but almost no concern that we’ll ever need to.

In the world that most of us live in … making a promise to do something that we have no intention of ever doing is called a “lie”.

To a handful, it is called “marketing”.

Just remember this when the same vendor who considers lying to be “good marketing” promises how effective his products are. :wink: