$10 a month could go a long way...

As many of our members are aware. The Foundation is coming to the end of a very successful campaign to distribute visual smoke alarms to low income hearing impaired members.

Our campaing has been very successful and we were able to distribute our alarms. However, the repsonse from the hearing impaired communitty has been overwhleming. As of last count we have over 800 applications that on a waitlist status because we have run out of alarms.

The whole foundation staff is asking our membership to help out. If 10% of NACHI members could committ to donating $10 per month or $120 per year to the Foundation, the amount of work that could be done would be amazing.

I would also like to ask the chapter presidents and vendors to get involved and help.

Vendors consider becoming one of our corporate sponsors. Please contact Paul Sabados about details and benefits.

Chapter presidents, you are our eyes and ears of the NACHI Community consider holding a fundraiser at your next chapter event. Please contact me for how we can work together.

Please visit www.saferhousing.org to learn how to help us today.