10 cheap housing markets: Ohio wins. $55K... really?

Youngstown, Ohio. Median price: $55,400

Lansing, Mich. Median price: $64,400

Toledo, Ohio. Median price: $64,900

South Bend, Ind. Median price: $68,700

Akron, Ohio. Median price: $74,900

Ocala Fla. Median price: $75,400

Dayton, Ohio. Median price: $78,000

Cumberland, Md. Median price: $80.700

Grand Rapids, Mich. Median price: $81,100

Decatur, Ill. Median price: $81,300

Not included in this is Anderson In. 2 years ago, my sister bought a 100 year old home (admittedly not in the best neighborhood), remodeled in the last 5 years, needed some things, but basically livable, for a grand total of $8,500. Her sister-in-law and finance just got a similar deal on a distressed property.

Im really surprised Detroit is not on that list.

Median means that 1/2 the homes are even less expensive! Wow.

My home, on a tiny lot in Boulder, Colorado, with no basement, sandwiched between other homes, street parking, and where I share a driveway with three other neighbors costs $875K.

Hmmph, thats really a shame to see such low prices, of course if they were desirable locations it would be nice. Boulder sounds a lot like Richmond Hill Nick, except for the basement.
The houses here are getting ridiculous, one on the street I live on sold for $2 mill this year, built last year, same guy building again on the next street, noticing that no water and ice shield went on the roof. For two mill I would expect some basics.
Another just sold for $1.7 mill. I’m in a tear down community. Two doors down from us is getting torn down this summer :frowning:

We lived in the US ten years ago and were looking at fixer uppers in MD and PA, they were very low priced. We found so many houses at really low prices, I suppose they are only cheaper now!

The new townhouses that just went up smack on the noisy main street (Broadway) all sold for a million+ each this year.

I thought you rented?

I’m an owner, a landlord, and a renter… and of the three, being a renter is by far the best, I love it. We also have cots, a kitchen and showers at InterNACHI because at times, we work round the clock for days.

I wonder if there is any correlation between these cities and the guys that are really busy?

Something I just noticed is that a lot of these are motor cities.

Add to that my comments of Detroit and Anderson IN ( a former major car parts manufacturer) It makes sense.

Glad to see we made the top (or bottom) of the list. The houses that are that cheap make for a long day for me. But a lot have been torn down and newer homes are being put in. Some tech companies are forming and some are relocating here because it’s so cheap

Yes sorry Robert I guess I missed what you were saying when you commented on Detroit.

That’s what happens when you take all that gold you bought and plate the faucets and front of the appliances. Hail Nero… :mrgreen:


InterNACHI staffers Chloe and Lisa are both from Youngstown (they’re sisters). I was born in Pittsburgh.