10 FREE registrations for Vegas Convention. Anyone need them?

If you already registered, you can’t get your money back and use these, so I’m looking to give them to someone who wants to go but hasn’t registered yet.

If you want one, haven’t registered yet, and are sure you can use one, post here.

Link not hitting Nick.

Try now. Thanks.

Funny, I just came on here to post that I have 10 for Home Inspector Pro users only. If Nick runs out purchase HIP now and save $400 by getting your conference free.

Oops, 2 gone already. I have 8.

Nick, I’d love to get one! I haven’t yet registered, so this would be great! Thank You!

See you there!

That would be great for me, thanks!

Hey, I will take 2 of them if you still have them.

I’ll take one if they’re still available. I was on the fence about going, but this makes the decision easy.

Thanks :smiley:

Nick ,please add me in.

Might be worth it just to meet Jeff. :slight_smile:
Plus been wanting ti hit Vegas this year anyway (the bonus might be ripping a few I.N guys)

I would like to be included.

Liz and I would like the passes if still available. Thanks

If you throw in airfare and hotel I’ll sell the registration I already bought and take yours…

Since we drive though Boulder on the way do we just pick them up? Need anything hauled out to Vegas Nick?

Eric, Tim, Gerald (2), Jeff, Bob, Robert, Keith (2), Dan.

That makes 10.

You guys each email me for the free passes and I’ll email you back with my code so that you can register for free. OK?

Here is my email: fastreply@nachi.org

If anyone else still wants one, contact Dom. He has 8 left that he gets for being a vendor.

Darn, just got in from today’s inspection, few mins too late :slight_smile:

I was on the fence too about going. Nick if you have any left I’ll take one!

Have never been to Vegas!

I think this may be the registration link guys.
Thanks Nick,I got mine.


Just registered ,so see everyone there.:slight_smile:

Ray, Dom has a few left. Call him now.

Will enjoy seeing all there.

Thanks Nick and Nachi

Thank you Nick!

Dan already registered, so he doesn’t qualify for a free one, so I have one additional free pass. Anyone want it?