10 FREE registrations for Vegas Convention. Anyone need them?

I do Nick!

Ray, email me at fastreply@nachi.org and I’ll hook ya up.

That’s just horrible! :shock:

Paige will be there to run our booth again.


Hi, this is Joe Ferry. Every 30 seconds, right here in the United States, a child is born who will never go to Vegas. Well, we can help them. And each other. Send your tax deductible contribution to Kids Who Will Never Go To Vegas!, Box 711, Las Vegas, NV 89124-0711.

If you go, be sure not to miss this guy.

Registered… will see you all there!!!

Thanks Nick, Nachi and Staff!

BTW. the first round is on Jeff.

Is there a link to see that guy? Or, did I omit/miss the link at sign up?

Post a link and I’ll sign up there too :smiley:


I found a link to see that guy … I went to Inspection Conference and registered under Package G

Sorry Tim but the tickets are for the basic Grade B package and we will not be able to attend the Grade A package events.

Guess the giveaway was to get us to pay the extra $300.
Unless Nick can bump us up somehow .

There is always the side door.
I may go dressed as a waiter.

Does the package include my marketing presentation on October 4th at 9 AM?

Which one is it?

Hey Nick,

Wanted to let you know that I’m already registered and do not need the free registeration you offered, SO there’s one more available I guess!

Bob, package ‘‘B’’ is still a good package for FREE :slight_smile:

Jeff & Joe, I know it’s a shame. I’ve been to several other countries, just about every other major city EXCEPT Vegas!

Joe, it seems your class is on Tuesday and conflicts with the Gas Appliance course 8am- 6pm UNLESS I can go at lunch?


I was hoping to take commercial Inspection and play cards.
Oh Well.

Their commercial course is way behind the times BTW. Probably the only course that isn’t worth attending. The rest look pretty interesting IMHO.

I figured you would say that because of the ASHI connection.LOL:twisted:

It is one the only courses that actually looked pretty good because we have no live commercial inspection courses at NACHI Chicago.

My local is not even allowed to proctor the online version unfortunately.:frowning:

Already took Marketing a few times but will be there anyway.I am sure there a few good ones and just need to get better info on times and days.
Gotta work it in between gambling.:slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was a diploma mill ASHI connection. That isn’t disclosed in the course description. My thinking that the course is outdated was based partly on the ASTM reference. That particular standard (written years ago) is a bit like MS DOS, fine for its time.

I don’t think there are many people more involved with commercial inspections than I am. I was the lead author of www.nachi.org/comsop.htm , I wrote InterNACHI’s commercial course, I got the course approved by 16 state agencies, I got our standard into all the major inspection reporting software programs, I got our standard to be used around the world, I run the ComInspect network, I co-authored dozens of articles regarding commercial inspections, and I am involved with a commercial inspection almost every day of my life. And so I feel I’m able to recognize an outdated course regarding this subject by reading the course description. This one is outdated IMHO. But hey, all education is good education, and you’ll learn something for sure.

Bob, I changed my mind (perhaps we can say that my thinking has evolved) ;-).

I’m going to take the course with you.

I know zero about them but gotta start somewhere.
Stand still and die.

Sit next to me in class, but no throwing spit balls!

Who wants it?