10 inches of concrete patio plus tarring/caulking along perimeter did not solve leaky basement

== idiots. More of the water diverting dipshtt ideas instead of competently determining and then fixing the homeowners actual problems, happens all the time, all over, damn skippy.

homeowners hired a concrete company to saw cut n bust out perimeter, and then they piled it ALL 1-2’ away from where they KNEW we were going to dig,wheel,waterproof = more idiots – and when the supposed concrete professionals PFFFFTTTTT lol were busting out the shtt, you know they used a pick or pinch bar and sooo they KNEW there was more concrete UNDER the top, newer 6 inches and said nothing = weak azz… WEAK i tell ya!!! Obvious sheesh lolllolllllllllllll, they got PAID $$$ to remove the shtt, like a dummy i did not charge homeowners any additional green

so about 10 inches of concrete that was pitched away from the stupid house plus caulking/tarring along house perimeter = total incompetence and those who tell buyers, sellers THIS is what they need to do to keep water out of their basements are absolute fools

another look, and a view of most of the exterior openings that allowed water in basement and caused some efflorescence etc on inside basement wall

a view just before backfilling with all gravel, this is what should be done when houses are built but, there i go TINKING again, sowy

and all those interior basement drainage systems and sump pumps that have been installed all over when the homeowners actual problems were something like this, in videos, is pure incompetence, fraud etc, they did NOT stop the water from where it’s entering, hell no.

and so for those home inspectors here who cannot figure out what i have redundantly showed, PROVED and instead come on some of my threads and CRY like a lil biiiiiihhhhh about my choice of words or paragraph structure, hahahaa, get lost will ya plz, you too are a weak lil…

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