10 minute power point presentation.

Does anyone have a 10 minute power point presentaion or something similar that they use to market themal imaging home inspections? I have just purchased a camera and am looking for marketing material to use for promoting this end of my business. I would also like any information or links that anyone is willing to share on this subject.

Thanks for any and all help with this


I would also be interested.

Guys very easy to put a slide show together lots of programs on the web free to do this. You already have the camera that is all you need. I did a home show a while back and just used my lap top and projector and had the slide show running using every kind of Pic that I could think of from horses to electrical images. I had about 15 minutes of continuous side by sides running. When I get some time I want to put another slide show together strictly for Realtor presentation.

Thanks for the input. I was just wondering if any one had one or knew of a place to see or buy one for Realtor and Insurance company presentations.