"10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection" online video course

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Just starting

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Starting 10 steps for performing a roof inspection


Gary Oikarinken

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Great courses.:slight_smile:

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Now, how do I get back to the course???

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Hi all:
I wanted to share a couple of pictures. The show a closed woven valley on a new shingle roof installation. They also show the underlayment before the shingles are on. The very dark underlayment is ice and water barrier. They laid it all the way up the valley before they layed the shingles down.
Another picture shows the step flashing up against an intersecting sidewall before the siding was installed


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Looking forward to learning more about roof inspecting… :slight_smile:

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Where do I post post questions I am unable to find the answers to?

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This course is very informative I was able to look up on my roof and understand the basics of a roof inspection.

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trying a new course

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Thanks in advance for yet another course!

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Hello, this is my first course with this program.

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Congratulations on beginning your first course! If you ever need anything feel free to contact us, or me personally at tanya@internachi.org.

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Taking the course now…

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10 steps to a roofing inspection next.

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In a short spot inspection i found a house to have one bottom layer of the old cedar shakes shingles covered by 4’ x 6’ asphalt fiberglass reinforced panels. It would have been more beneficial if the cedar shakes were removed and decking was installed with the tar paper barrier.

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Just completed the video. Excellent video with great examples, I am looking forward to the next classes.

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Starting this class today.

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Thank you, Bret. In relation to training videos, you may be interested in http://www.nachi.org/videos.htm.

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Thanks Ben, for another wonderful course.