100 amp main diverted to new remote

Interesting find, I’ve not seen this exact set up before. The main still has the grounded conductors, but the ungrounded conductors have been diverted to a new remote installed directly behind the original panel. The remote still has the jumper, so if anyone else installs a branch, there isn’t really a bond to the new can or separation between the ground/neutral in the remote.

Hadn’t looked in my ugly’s for fill req’s yet… but I don’t think they made it :smiley:

As it’s an REO, there’s a couple of date-related requirements I can’t really discern, but… oh well.

Thought I’d share.

“Interesting” indeed. I wonder what the thought process was with this set up. The neutral is currently serving as the bond between the two panels, but this should have been a four wire feed (obviously) with the branch-circuit conductors terminating in the sub panel.

Write this up as it is a major code violation