100 intern inspections

Hi all I just wanted to get a general idea on how much time it took folks to get through their internship of 100 inspections.

I know answers will very but I’m just trying to figure out what a reasonable timeline could look like.

Thanks everybody!

Need to know where you are and what state requires 100 inspections? That would surely help you with responses.


I’m here in CT. First is the state intern license test, then 100 inspection with a mentor which is 10 supervised, then 90 unsupervised. then I can take the license test.

Mine lasted 6 months and the owner paid for my schooling and tools and other inspector needs. I was lucky. I will say this. you’re gonna keep learning once you hit the field. it doesn’t stop. Stay hungry brother. The reward is nice even after the 2-3 inspection days.


It is not mandatory here for a 100 inspections or anything like that you just got to get that pretty license through the state. its nice though if you have a idea of what you’re getting into.

that definitely sounds ideal! Hope my mentor will hook me up with some tools and job needs since I gotta pay the mentor.

what state are you in by the way?

MD. I honestly think classroom training ends at a certain point and being on your is what turns you into a inspector. The awkward conversations with some father daughter duo and the father is just shotgunnin questions and all that good stuff. You learn to think on your feet I know that lol.

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Look into your termite license or being under his if you can. That goes a far way. Then you can move on to radon, septic, mold, and other stuff as you see fit. you knock out a full package inspection in a day and you’ll go home singing Elvis Presley.

yes definitely wanted to work towards the rest of the certifications.

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You got it just don’t get discouraged which will happen. There’s some good people on here. you’ll end up learning that fine line of over inspecting and being a good inspector.

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Just ballparking I’d say 3-6 months with a reasonably busy and willing mentor. I’ve trained a bunch of employees over the years and it usually only takes +/- 30 to get them up and running to my satisfaction. I am happy to see the industry moving towards things like as I’ve always griped that it’s waaaaaay too easy to get into this line of work and ultimately hurts established inspectors and the consumer to some extent.


Where does it say the Sate is gonna require to “cut you loose unsupervised”, WITHOUT a license??
How about posting a link to that requirement.

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sure thing!

line 2 page 2
I chose my words poorly there, but what I meant and what is specifically mentioned is indirect supervision.

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Yeah, you sure did. Huge difference there!!

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