100 pairs of these from Nathan Thornberry. IMPORTANT... only post if you really want

100 pairs of Nathan’s dirty underwear. If you are really into this and are very certain you want a pair… post.

Nathan will drop ship in an unmarked, discrete package.

First 100 to reply win.

Too funny…Pass.

and I would be the first to reply!!

yikes pass


I will Pass-YUK!

Michael Meeker

South Florida



LOL - pas


i’ll pass thanks though

Bruce Grant
170-1 Memorial Ave
Suite 109
Orillia Ontario Canada
L3V 7M9
Have a good and safe Christmas all.

Pass but thanks for the offer, HO HO HO.

100 pair??? Thats impressive.

Pass…Already have 1 pair of dirty underwear on right now.

too funny…


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Pass, That really not funny!!

Too much information, Nathan…lol

Roy Cooke
Brighton ON.
Canada Great I finally won some thing Thanks …Roy

Must have missed the recall on his washing machine :slight_smile: