100 Pennsylvania inspections ( Pittsburgh Area)

Anyway, I would be a good example.

I am way to busy to train or even talk to a noob.

But, if you were to call me and say “Hey, all I want to do is help, you point…I jump. No talking, no training”

And then you show up and power up the house, unlock all the doors, open cabinets, drop the attic ladder, remove panel covers etc…I would say hell yeah.

Eventually I would talk to you and share some things. :sunglasses:


Perhaps the inspectors you are contacting are not understanding you either. Time to rethink your approach.

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Ditto that. I get calls and emails all the time. They always want to ask questions and ‘run a few things past me’. I don’t have time for that crap. Now I just ignore the voicemails and emails. Not one single person has given me one single reason to waste my valuable time on them. Until someone does… things just ain’t gonna happen!!

Im that kind of person brian, My intentions here are trying to contact someone from pittsburgh so we can talk about my situation and how they did it. Again i wouldn’t mind paying or working on 5 to 10 houses but after that i believe i can open the business and do them myself. 100 inspections cannot be done in a few weeks.

Then you have unrealistic expectations of how to become a home inspector in your state.


Completely agree. I believe I am done here. Just more of the same that I don’t have time for.

If i could invest every week to do this i would, But then again. whos paying me? You need another job to pay the bills while you are spending some. Question: How long did it took you to get certified and getting paid to do inspections in your state?

No state requirements here. I became a home inspector while maintaining my primary income source. It is all very different for many individuals.

I suspect many in PA have either saved enough money, kept a source of income or went to work for a multi-inspector firm.

Exactly. In my case i Have to do 100 inspections, before i can become a certified member… But by just joining Internachi your already a member and on my way to get certified. Im sorry but none of yall get the state requirements. Im trying to focused on any one from PA that could help me.

Yes I do, I posted them. You must participate in 100 inspections. No one is returning your calls. You need it done in a few weeks.

Hang out. Maybe a PA buddy will come along and provide the golden nugget of information you need. I shared my opinion, though anecdotal, I suspect I am not far from the mark.

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Before you can become a licensed inspector in the state of PA. You will become a CPI prior to becoming licensed.


Ok let me put it like this. i’m already a member and about to get certified without doing 100 inspections… Can i just start working then!?

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You do not need to be licensed here in PA

The way I see it, you get your CPI and maintain your membership, but the 100 participation trophies must happen before you are licensed.

You don’t need to be licensed, All you need is to be a member and complete 100 inspections so you can get you certification… No school works like that. Internachi says, send the addresses. so like i tell on my little trophy story im gonna go ahead and keep doing what im doing.

The 100 participation trophies was a requirement PA placed onto InterNACHI in order to be one of the “state approved” associations.

InterNACHI did not make the requirement, they just complied.

So, it appears you cannot be in good standing with InterNACHI as a PA inspector without the 100 participations. The state is full of bullcrap. But, that is what you have to work with.

Some people may think InterNACHI should provide a path for those 100 inspections. But they do not and how could they? They do not operate an inspection business anywhere. Should they force their members?

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I would recommend contacting your state representative. It looks like an outdated law written by a lobbyist. According to their website, ASHI has membership levels based on number of inspections performed at 50 and 250. Membership with Nachi doesn’t appear to qualify according to PA law.

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I would call Nachi also and ask them

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Per InterNachi: How one legally achieves these 100 inspections in order to be considered a full member prior to being able to perform independent home inspections is not addressed. InterNACHI recommends reaching out to current PA home inspectors through our Mentorship program, local chapters, or the to ask how they completed their 100 inspections.

Internachi is happy to take the 100 address once completed, Internachi has everything the state requires. Every school gives you gives you the Certificate once you completed the course. Ive google searched many of them some also need the 50 home inspections address but no where close to 100…

i understand i cannot expect internachi to provide everything. What the state requirements does not provide is how does one perform the inspections. And that is what everyone is trying to figure out. Internachi says they have no idea, But when i get my 100 addresses i could send them…

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