100 yard interception touch down... wow

Did you see the 100 yard interception touch down by the steelers?.. wow.


The longest play in Super Bowl history. :!::cool-cat::smiley:

That play will go down in SB history.


Unreal…Terrible tackling. Could be difference in game…Go Cards

Real foot ball has three downs and five more yards to play on !!

. . . but you don’t see them playing in the big one . . . sorry, just couldn’t help it :twisted:

Yea he was on his way to the MVP of the game, right up until his personal fouls and 15 yard penalty.

The WR was great but the MVP was Big Ben IMO

It was a hell of a game. The cards did much better than I thought they would.

See It ???..Of course I saw it …I’m still crying and the dog is still hiding in the closet from all of the screaming !!!


Don’t let Ben Garrison see this thread.


I don’t remember seeing that–which commercial was it in??;-):wink: