100 Year Old Brick

Any info on this brick would help. Is it clay or cement, How old and is it veneer or structural.

To me it s not structural brick.
Its a common or stretcher bond pattern and I will go with early 60,s late 50,s but I am guessing.
There was a opening that has been closed off and that window was installed.
There are 2 ‘‘zipper seams’’ slang. Meaning 2 vertical lines that carry parallel to each other.
When you close off an opening , you cut out all the half brick and install full brick.
That way you close off and finish out the stretcher bond which makes the wall stronger’
The pattern on that wall is called a streaker bond or common bond.
It is the most practiced brick bond today.
Structural brick, you can sometimes tell with the header courses on windows, quinions on corners, double of triple width walls, but it is still hard.
To me veneer and 1960’s.
Next time send more photo,s please.
I am a mason.

I’ve never seen a brick veneer that looks like that. To me it looks like a precast cement wall.

Here as a style of ashlar block or brick that you are looking at.
Cement block precast was popular for its ease of manufacturing.
Ashlar cement block ( brick )was started in the 1950 if I am not mistaken in north America.