100 year old home

Thanks Matt. Thats some good advice.

I like to use one tenth of a percentage point of the asking price as a base starting point. Not knowing the asking price though I would start with 20 to 25 cents per foot plus an age fee of $300. 2 Grand doesn’t sound out of line to me.

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Depends on your service area.
My starting fee would be approx. $950.
90% of my competitors would do it for $500 or less!!


I would not get $2k in my market though I am worth 2x that :smile:


I don’t charge anymore for a 100 year old home than a 5 year one.
I’ve always charged the most I can get out of them. All of them.
I soak them all. Really and they love me. Yep!
You need to look up perceived value.

How do you know when you got the most you could out of them Roy?

When they say YES! And then I wish I would have said more $.
My assistant asked me the other day.
" How did you come up with that exorbitant fee"
I said… It just seem correct to me.
They paid it and thanked me for the inspection. I shit you not.
Listen people ! Don’t cut yourselves short. If you are great ( Like I am, I should be after doing this for 40 plus years)… Charge more inspect less.
This is an insert from the clients email after the inspection…
I ain’t making this up, I promise this is true… "Thanks, Roy!! You’re the best!! ".

There is an inspector in my area, highly used and recommended by REAs, that charges a flat rate of $450 or so for a mobile or mansion. Sends the report within an hour from the end of inspections. I’ve seen a few and they are a legal issue waiting to happen.


My pricing is $300 for the report and .10c per sq ft. A home this age I would add 2 dollars per year. So $1200 minimum. That is also if the 7000 sq ft is the total sq ft.

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Just keep doing what you are doing and we will say bye bye to you in a very short time.
You will fade out like the fog in the morning sun.
BYE ! Ignorant inspectors. Your days are numbered , not in years, but months, if that.
I’ve been here a very long time on this board. I have seen many come and go.
Some with proper guidance some could have made great inspectors.
That is what I want**, great inspectors** …Really ! I want pro inspectors that don’t care about the money… What do they care for is foremost there is clients interest .
The money will come ( and it will) as long as they keep there client as NUMBER 1 …Yep!
I have proven this many times before.
Good luck HI brothers.
Call me if you have any questions. I’m on EST.
God bless.

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No comment!

You’re a good man Roy! I always enjoy your posts and respect your efforts to help other inspectors.

Keep it up Roy, you help embolden people (including me). It’s like kids, eventually your wisdom will sink in.

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I don’t understand your comment. Please explain.

Do you really think so? Huh?

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Yes, some things you have said a million times is the first time for others. Be the broken record…it’s a good thing.

You have cut your fee to short.
Yes! You will lose a few , but if you jack your fee up. You will get those inspections you really always wanted to do ( as long as you are great)… I got this .You want to get them all.
(don’t be hungery)it will show… Answers with a yes! We all hate to not book them. BUT . Even thought is sound outlandish let them pass and book on your fee .Just do the math.

So 1200 is to low. What would you charge?

I would have to look at several things.
First would be the building departments records, If any.
Roof, electrical etc…
Then I would have some idea how I would present my report based on at the minimum from those findings.
They will not be all inclusive, but it would be my first start.
More research will be needed. yep!


Oh Jesus Christ Roy! Just answer the mans question!!