100 + year old house

Thought y’all might enjoy some remodeling pics of a project we’re working on


Nice looking old queen of a house, Dennis.

Salvage the stairwell I hope.
Old wood lathe and plaster. Don’t miss taking that crap down. All horsehair hopefully right?
Cutting up old floor members that are stronger than what you are putting in. :wink::smile:
Dirty job, but will look good when done, hopefully.

Yeah , literally tons of horse hair plaster , most of the new joists are an addition. The ones we did cut out were rotted on one end due to a chimney leak.

Those older homes in my area Norwalk, Ohio always seem to be balloon framed from the remodels I walked into.


Western framing only started in the 1940’s, that is why. :grin:

Whoops! I Did not know that I had just always thought it was framed one way or the other. In the first picture Dennis sent I had thought it looked like there was an original top plate on that back wall.

Would really like to see future pic as you move forward.

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The rear portion was one story, that’s the top plate you see in the first pic. You can also see the balloon framing in that pic

Ok I see balloon framing now, also in the stairwell picture