1000th post

This is my 1000th post.
First one to reply gets home baked cookies :smiley:

:);)With Macadamia nuts

With Macadamia nuts it will be!
Send me PM with your address :stuck_out_tongue:

dang it!!

A most deserving person . I appreciate boh of you Great posts good info we need more like you two . Thanks Roy … Enjoy the Cookies … Cookie

No need my friend, just had fun and congratulations on your 1000 post.

Hope you are here for 1000’s more.

Thanks for the offer though. Love those things. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

I know you’re just trying to keep that slim waist of your! :cool:
Juan, you are now first, send me a PM with your address :mrgreen:

Bummer, Marcel…:frowning:

But, since Juan is now first, I’ll split them with him. :cool:

Hahahahaha, what a great post. Good on ya Will! :smiley:

Well, if you guys have a few crumbs left, I’ll take them.

Enjoy, those darn cookies would get the cookie monster in a riot to get them. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

It’s fine by me, but you’re gonna have to ask Juan if he’ll split :wink: and then send me your address

And we all know what happens when we get in the way of Cookie Monster

I never thought to celebrate my 1000th. Great idea Will.

10 minutes to late.

I just had my 1000th a little bit ago. So I ate a cookie!


Nah, just five guys too late :wink:

I’ve learned so much from all of you guys. I thought it could be a fun and yummy way celebrating being part of NACHI :smiley:
I am going to try and remember doing it every 1000 posts. So, some of you might have to remind me when I get within a few posts if you want more yummy foods :wink:

Thanks, Will! :D…there were more layers, too! Gotta love a man of his word. :smiley:

S6303207 [640x480].JPG

S6303205 [640x480].JPG

S6303206 [640x480].JPG

You are very welcome! I’m glad to see they did not get too mangled :slight_smile: