1027 crm

I’ve purchased two 1027 CRM’s from Sun Nuclear but when I called today to order another one I was told they were on a five week back order. I don’t want to wait that long. Does anyone know of another reputable place to purchase a 1027?

I’ve got a used one that is in really good shape, but needs to be calibrated. I’d sell it for 400 and ship it to whatever calibration facility you wanted it to go straight to.

Hmm…does that include cost of calibration. If not that’s only a 95.00 savings. Not bad but…we are talking used here.

Purchased most of mine thru Wayne Gemmill.


Gemmill Laboratories
P.O. Box 413, Paupack, PA 18451
Phone: 800-846-9893

Not including calibration. $95 savings because it is slightly used, but you have your choice of getting it within a week or so, or waiting for the back order…