1027 Help

Hey guy, I just got the 1027 and I’m having trouble downloading the info from the monitor. I go through all the steps but it wont grab the info and transfer it to the software. Any ideas?

Not trying to be rude but are you sure that you didn’t hit the clear button?

Is the monitor on?

Maybe delete the software and reload it.

Are you sure you are on the right com?

If you using windows 10 you may have to get a older driver for the cable for it to work

Thanks for the help guys…I figured it out.

Well share for others LOL

Basically you have to sink the com port to the rs-232 cable. I if anyone else is like me, not very computer smart, this can be a pain in the ***. A couple youtube videos later and I got it.

Ok thanks for sharing , I had a problem with the driver had to go back for a older one , (Windows 10 . ) these radon companies need to get updated . or have better support available.