1027 Radon Monitor for sale

Selling a 1027 radon monitor with case and USB cable for $500.00. Bought this year and only used it five times.

radon monitor 001.JPG

Why are you selling it?

I am interested!

Guess its sold?

im new to the forum so im not sure if my Pm got through…is it sold ?..if not I want it!!

Hy Stanley ,if you click on the person,s name it usually will give you their web site and you might be able to get their email from that .
You can also get a place to send them a letter via NACHI,
If you need help at any time send me email and I will try to help you .
In an emergency call my cell

All the best Roy

thanks Roy much appreciated.
it must be sold as I see no response and no reply to my PMs