11 K for this garbage

I talk to the Bubber man on occasion pertaining to the inferior basement systems. I need to vent *, this stuff is a rip off, after I write my novel of what is wrong I will post some pictures.

What a waste of 11000 K. I want to call the company and go off on them. ****. I see this **** weekly or more.

Nothing done at exterior, bring the water inside (what a concept)

Install an EZ breathe and fan that will take care of the Mold (NOT****)

Well back to my novel, I will get back to you.

There are so many things wrong with this inferior system today, only for 11K with a lifetime warranty. BS*****.

Installed on a 1925 brick terra cotta foundation, what a few years when the foundation crumbles ****

OK need to get back to report.

So David, tell us how you really feel. LOL
I do agree that the interior systems do not solve the issue. they are a Band-Aid at best.

Now I know why the Bubber man has a lot of ***** in his posts, he gets it.

It will take me 30 minutes just to write the structure pages.

I love how they ran they system around the old boiler!!:roll:
(this is the good part of the system (Not), the big tree in the front and grade, gutters, window wells (just leave them all ***UP and just bring the water in the basement.:shock:

286014 Shaker Hts 098.JPG

Oh, lets burn the *** out of the panels with the hot boiler flue. Dumb ****.

I am just getting started!!

286014 Shaker Hts 099.JPG

How about the window wells, leave them all clogged and do nothing outside. Lets finish the basement and direct water inside, DUMB ****, only for 11K you can have the inferior basement system as well. Just contact rip me off ****.

Install the fan it will get rid of the water. :twisted:

This ain’t nothing, I have another 20 or so pics.

286014 Shaker Hts 082.JPG

286014 Shaker Hts 069.JPG

286014 Shaker Hts 083.JPG

NO systems here, just some water intrusion, mold.

Way to go dumb **** way to go.

286014 Shaker Hts 066.JPG

Yup, that is a mess. People really need to think before spending that kind of money. Who in their right mind thinks that controlling the water on the inside without addressing the real issue??


Nothing but lipstick on a pig :frowning:

EX breathe my ****

And a well known radio host advertises this crap.

These only cost about a grand. Kiss my *** Bdry. Garry sell you SHI*

You could of done the exterior window wells for this.

286014 Shaker Hts 071.JPG

286014 Shaker Hts 071.JPG

Lets finish the basement because we have a lifetime warranty **** ME.

How about some mold, nice carpet install.

286014 Shaker Hts 075.JPG

286014 Shaker Hts 075.JPG

286014 Shaker Hts 057.JPG

yes sir!!

Hey Mike only 6 more weeks till winter, how much snow you getting??

It is 65 degrees soon to be cold, snowy and not ready for it.

Currently 5-6 on the ground at my place.

They got over a foot just North of me in the last two days.

What is the temperature and wind chill, this is like a mid winter storm dude!!

Send it the other way or towards BOB E.

Temp. 28 at the moment but headed to single digits for lows for a while.

I hope spring comes 6 weeks early!! Stay warm!!

Still waiting for some global warming here. :wink:

Great photos. Did you use a boroscope for those shots? I ask that question because I just got my new one in last week that records great photos and video. Excited to start using it and adding to what I can offer.

No, just my camera inside the cavities. I have a boroscope sitting in its case.

Instead of installing the EZ breathe BS***** they could of corrected the front stoop, window wells, rear steps.

Hey forget the exterior components, lets bring the water into the basement.

If we fix the adjacent patio and drainage we would divert a lot of water away.
No, lets bring into the basement and then finish over the walls.:shock::shock::roll::twisted:

All these areas + more at the exterior are allowing water to enter the basement and need to be corrected at the exterior.

11K would of fixed 1/3, 1/2 or more of the exterior, what a rip off.

Then I will get a call from agent, seller ripping me as the so called specialist blows smoke where the sun does not shine;-)

I still have about 10 photos, I know you understand.

I have had at least 25-50 houses this year with worse or similar conditions.

The best was a basement with 2 adjacent crawlspaces. (they never do anything with the crawls as these are inferior basement systems.

Bubber dude I hear you loudly!!

I am sure Angie’s give them a A review as well as the BBB accredited business. BS X BS = inside basement system.





Dave :wink: :mrgreen: #-o](*,)

Yes sir, more money spent on garbage. Homeowners getting lied to, deceived by MANY of these interior basement drainage system companies.

They go to peoples homes and tell them all kinds of blllllsht, lies in order to sell them the one dumb az thing they do. They need to be sued like Flat Rate Plumbing (see other thread, just posted) by the STATE for DECEIVING homeowners, yes sir.

Here’s some of EXACTLY what we mean, interior systems that were sold, installed by lying scumbag interior system companies that did NOTHING in stopping the water from entering their basements, mold, efflorescence etc

4 different homes/basements here… interior systems were installed that did NOT stop the g dang water from where the hllll its entering

Interior basement drainage system installed here $15,000

Same here $10,000

For the NTH time ](,)](,)](*,) these interior system companies do NOT frigging competently/honestly IDENTIFY the actual g dang problem(s), duh… where/how the water is first getting in the STOOOOOPID basements, NOR do they fix/waterproof/tuckpoint etc the actual problems.

Homeowners everywhere have been getting scrrrrr’d and in Ohio, loool, scrrrr’d big time with the help of Gary the bullshtter Sullivan.