11 million copies of MetLife's magazine being sent with NACHI in the middle.


More good news… go NAchI.

(edited so as not to appear like mr. hoppy)

Very impessive marketing blitz Nick.

Consumer Reports, MetLife…

If I wake up tomorrow and there’s a NACHI logo on the cover of Time magazine I’ll buy you lunch at Morton’s in Denver. :cool:

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

I have a big one coming out in the WSJ next.

And this one has begun shipping: http://www.nachi.org/bandb2006.htm

Looks like Hoopy has already begun loaning his spellchecker to CMIs;-)

ha, ha

ha, ha

Sumtimes I beleive you guys are two much.

You really know how to hurt a guy…:cool:
I’ll have to wear my sun glasses for
a few days to get over this.

Thanks Nick,

I know you did that just for me.


How about “AAA Living” Magazine.

Coverage area is:
Michigan; 1,000,000
Illinois, N. Ind.; 457,138
Wisconsin; 363,412
Minnesota; 256,913
Iowa; 171,200
Nebraska; 115,450
North Dakota; 35,517

Total Copies: 2,399,630

Just a thought.