110 degree sump pump water

Open this sump pump cover and steam came out. I used my temp gun to take the temp 110 degree water? I’m guessing impeller lock.

Hot spring…lol

Was just thinking, do you have a broken hot water pipe some place?

It’s possible about a leak. At first I thought it was water from when I tested the kitchen sink. Any one know if these pumps come heated? Seems like they would dry up the pit if heated.

Was the pump motor running… do you know if it starts… pumps and shuts off ok.

Is there radiant heat in the concrete? My basement has radiant. And yes, was the pump operating. They don’t heat.

Curious about that tube strapped to discharge.

I am thinking it may be a bearing or jammed . the tube is likely from the ac unit

I had the same thing happen a long time ago in a sump pump stone jammed the impeller Motor was hot .
Removed stone and away it went .Wrote it up and stated no idea if the pump is damaged please check regularly. Heard nothing more .

Roy, did the water get that warm? There’s a lot of thermal mass in water and surrounding concrete/dirt. Just curious.

I had one this summer that the sump pump was jammed as well. The water was literally boiling. I could not get my hand in the water as it was too hot. Had to unplug the sump so it could cool enough to fix it. Left a note for the seller as to what had happened.

Yes real hot could not stand it for more then a few seconds .
No idea how long it had been on.
A motor in stalled position draws a lot more current then normal .

Learn something new every day:)

Me too