12 ft roof fall. 2 Broke legs

Hi Friends. I took a nasty fall off a ladder on October 22nd. I have a long road of recovery ahead of me. Both legs. Fractured ankle, shattered and fractured knee.18 screws, 3 metal plates,torn ACL,torn minescus, broken tib and Fib bones. What hurts the most is I won’t be fully able to care for my 5 year old Princess or take her out on our wild adventures. I also won’t be inspecting homes and educating clients, my Passion . This is a reminder for everyone to take it slow and be observant of what’s around you. Be Kind to others . Your body is fragile and life is beautiful . I’m asking for your help of small donations. Set an example for others. Everyone asked me If I needed anything, this will help support my daughter and I through this difficult time of me being out of work, 2 broken legs, transportation to kindergarten and my Medical bills. Take care of yourself and others. Sharing this page helps create donations. please share.

Say safe guys. - Marc Lischner
Thank you InterNACHI for all your support shown.

Paypal also available paypal.me@pchiml

VENMO ACCOUNT available @Marc-lischner

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sorry to hear this

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