12 month subscription (150 history reports) from BuildFax. $585 value. First to....

[FONT=Calibri]Prize goes to the first one who can solve Nick’s inspection riddle:


If you open me up,
I disappear.
Replacing my parts
is a pain in the rear.


Bill Forrest #14031017
MSRE Home Inspection Services
3619 Rockport Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Dave Fetty
Naples Florida
Merry Christmas! :grin:

Jeff Green
California Mo. 1430413


Terry Ewald
Potomac, Maryland

Shawn Staggs wins.

Les Abstein

Mike McFadden
Orlando, Florida

pocket door

Bill Kresge

Nice Shawn!

A pocket door

compass rose
Chris Levia
Red Deer, ab

Gary Redmond


Dammit shawn! haha, congrats. buildfax is awesome

a pocket door

Shawn Staggs, contact SWARD@buildfax.com to claim prize.

Merry Christmas Shawn.

Thanks Nick, I was looking at build fax the other day :slight_smile:

Good one,Shawn

Nice Shawn :smiley: