$12/YEAR Web Presence & $120/YEAR(+setup) Complete Websi

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I posted this on the members only but decided to bring it over here as it would get a little more exposure. To take advantage of this you MUST be a NACHI member. Also, if anyone is just starting and needs to get setup on a payment plan(say 2 payments of $150, that’s fine, just email me):

I've recently entered a partnership with a friend of mine to create Portal Sites that are NACHI heavy. Portals are neat because of the amount of information that can be brought to the site. Also, once setup, the site can be maintained with little or no web experience, just a browser. I've got a few done and have a list of inspectors that I am doing as time permits.

Details here:

I'm putting a research tab on the sites. Most assessor information is on-line and that can be brought to the site. Your average homebuyer does not know that they can look on-line to see what the seller paid for the house and how much they pay in taxes. (Most Real Estate agents don't seem to know this either). I tell everyone who calls to check my website to see what the seller paid, how many times it traded hands, taxes, etc. Very Helpful. I'm trying to get agents to recommend my site to buyers.
Anyway, I'm charging $300 for setup and year 1. After that, it's $120/ year to host it.(that's cheap for portals).

The full sites also have Interactive Calendar, Contact List and Maps(Only Inspector can view). Password Protected Reports you can easily download/upload.

As time permits, I would love to do some pro bono(you'll still need to pay my partner for his part) for NACHI members who make large contributions to improve the organization and don't have sites. (For example, Chapter Presidents)

I also have another idea for anyone who does not have a website and doesn't want one for whatever reason, but would like to be listed on FindAnInsptor.US or any other search engine. I am selling tabs on portals for $12 a YEAR. This gives you a page to do whatever you want to images, text, links. My thinking is that after someone searches FindAnInspector, they will be much more likely to choose you if they can complete their search by clicking on "your" webpage. Although you may be on a website with 20 other inspectors, your client will only see YOUR tab. You won't have a true web address with this, but I guess you could secure a name and redirect it to the tab if you want. (I can do that for you)

For example, after you search New York, you see a Click for Webpage, which redirects you here(sample):
search Montana and get Click here for Frank, which directs you here(sample):

$12 a Year - I think its worth it.

Just be patient with me as it may take a week or more for me to fill your request. Inspections come 1st.

Arthur Spence Watson