120 reports

Here is what a stack of 120 reports looks like from me:shock:

Over 4400 pages! I will ship them off to the state for one more license.

How much did printing all that cost you?

$147.65 with tax using double sided printing!

For the slow ones that is half as much paper!

Dang… couldn’t you have just burned a CD or two?

Cheap at just over $1@report.

What license will you get for the effort John?

He means for the ones that sent in the 8 page application, I think

Just fun
Good for you


That is for the home inspector’s license. I had my reports printed double sided to save paper. I would have like to send them electronically but the state will not accept it. I am going to fill the box with this, my application and some candy for the people sending out the licenses.

Btw, I am may take the FLNACHI test, even though I do not need it for the license. Just to be a member of FlNachi.

Good idea John

Most government Agencies would consider “candy” a bribe.

I don’t get. If you are going to take the NACHI exam anyway, then why not save the cost of running prints ($147.65), plus shipping cost and the couple of days it must have taken to gather and print the reports. For $100 (proctored exam), plus proof of 14 continuing education hours, plus .42 cents postage you could have submitted your application last Wednesday like I did. Is there something that I’m missing? Some pride in sending the 120 reports? I am one of the slow ones, so maybe i’ll send them the 120 reports (8,800 pages) just because i can. ??? That will show em who they’re dealing with.

Here was my thought process.

Test $100.

A day of missed work and travel $700 - $1000


Printing and shipping under $200

Without taking the test I could never be part of FlNachi.

So if I am not looking busy I will take the FlNachi test just to be part of the FlNachi group. It has little to do with proving myself to me or the State. It has everything to do with Marketing, money and information flow from FlNachi.

Since I have passed the Nachi exam several times I really do not think that would be a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for explaining yourself to us john, it is very thoughtful of you!

This is FL, remember?:mrgreen:

Government – bribe – you’re in Chicago – you couldn’t possibly believe such a thing would happen - really :twisted:

When the bribe is large it is OK ,but too small is a bribe.:cool:

No No No
The DBPR wants paper copies ONLY.

I believe you, but that’s just nuts. There’s no way on God’s green earth that they want to deal with all that paper. There is also no way that they are looking at all of those either. Bureaucratic waste at it’s finest…:roll:

Shipped off my reports, 24lbs 4oz and $23 dollars

When its large – it is justifiable