120 volt termination

Hi everyone - Can someone help me clarify what this means:

Never install a switch receptacle fully inside of a room where both the top and bottom of the duplex is controlled by a switch.

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The diagram answers your question.
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I believe it means to not use one switch to control both the top terminal and the bottom terminal of a single receptacle separately.

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The issue with switching the entire receptacle is that it no longer counts towards the 6’/12’ receptacle wall spacing rule so an additional receptacle may be required adjacent to the switched receptacle. It’s just easier to switch only half of the device.


That makes sense, the house I inspected today had both top & bottom switched, but it was built in 1981, evidently before the rule was put in place.

Thanks, Rob!

That’s correct, this was a code change to the 2008 edition of the NEC. {210.52(2)}

I thought this code changed in the '90s. Thanks for the info.