129 different government agencies approve of InterNACHI's inspection courses.

Any update on the Texas CEU renewed approvals from TREC?

We have some approved. We have more waiting on TREC. We have TPREIA who offers approved classroom courses. And we have our annual convention in Texas which is TREC approved:https://www.nachi.org/forum/f71/tpreia-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-convention-texas-and-m-oct-15-16-2016-our-largest-texas-event-111954/#post1508845

I wish NY would approve…I still got to have my meat in a seat for CE credits.

No you don’t. I talked to the Attorneys General office last year. They said that if enough New York inspectors complained, they’d start approving online CE. They told me only a few inspectors ever complained about it.

They also told me that Home Inspectors are the only licensed profession in New York that doesn’t have online continuing education approved. Hair dressers used to be the only other license holders that didn’t have approved online CE. We’re the last to get approved… if enough of you scream like New Yorkers :wink:

I’m on it.

I have already, I must be one of the few? It’s insane to me that I can offer a pathway for a REA to gain online CE credits but I can’t use them!! Not sure why every NYS member wouldn’t want this??

In New York, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Nick, do you have a form letter for this sort of thing that I could email to other inspectors to try and get the ball rolling? I’ve been complaining to the dept of state division of licensing services bureau of educational standards. Do you recommend having all inspectors do this or direct the complaints somewhere else?

Every inspector in New York should be calling and screaming.

I’ll make you a deal. You track down the contact information of the person we should all be complaining to, and I’ll send a letter out to every New York inspector telling them to bombard and bomb away.

Deal. I’ll have a name email, physical address, and phone number by end of business tomorrow.

Bombs away!

The portion or New York State Law that deals with Home Inspection is New York Real Property Law article 12-B which give life to an advisory board, The Home Inspection Council. The council advises the secretary of state and she has final say on all matters pertaining to education of home inspectors. Since the time the law was written the Home Inspector Council is now defunct and the Secretary of State has left the law as written, or as near as I can tell, since it’s initial writing.
The Dept of State Division of Licensing Services now has full discretion in matters pertaining to the interpretation of the law. As I read the law, I feel like someone there could just decide to accept online credits and make it happen. If the dept of licensing feels like the law has to be changed, they will write a proposal and send it to the governors office.
I was in contact with a supervisor at the Division of Licensing who has agreed to field all the requests through his email, compile them, and send them higher for a decision to be made.
He mentioned the original council was very opposed to online education, but the main opposition to it right now would be owners of the approved brick and mortar schools for continuing education.
He also mentioned an unfortunate incident where he didn’t realize a few certificates sent in by InterNachi members where online courses and initially approved them only to have to reverse himself. So he does have a bit of history with you Nick. His name is Marc Mastrobuono, email: Marc.Mastrobuono@dos.ny.gov The phone number and physical address are listed on the website.
There are currently 2,224 Licensed Home Inspectors in NY and 101 that have a NYS License but live out of state. 569 are InterNachi members, and around 60 CMIs. If we could get every single member and CMI to email, which of course won’t happen, we would still need to find a way to reach out to the other 1500 inspectors. I hope you’ve got a heck of a bomb up your sleeve Nick.
I thought maybe if we could reach out to our friends in the RE offices and other licensed professions to email in support it might increase our chances of getting something done.

OK. I’ll do a mailing to all NY inspectors telling them to bombard his email. It’s 2016… even Bangladesh uses online courses.

I wonder how many more inspectors would join InterNachi if they could get the CE credit. I hope we can work it out.