13 1/2 Hour Audio CD- How To Perform Electrical Inspections

Press Release -

I have just finished work on a new project. I have taken the “how to perform electrical inspections” book that was authored by Paul W. Abernathy (ME) , Gerry Beaumont and Nick Gromicko and created an educational audio narrative CD to use with the book. This audio CD set is 13+ hours of Paul W. Abernathy ( Thats Me ) explaining the issues of the book, adding additional comments and training and recommendations that you wont get by reading the book alone.

Also their are many things in the book that we explain into extra detail that you would only get from one of my live seminars.

While the current book is in the 2nd printing, I do have some verbiage changes that I will submit into the next edition if that every happens…but on my CD you will hear the changes and I will explain why the things should be changed. Trust me, if you have been to one of my seminars then you know what to expect on this audio set.

Anyway…for those that may be interested I just wanted to let you know as Mr. gromicko will probably have a press release on it very soon.

All those who sent for the CD…it is in the mail so enjoy and let me know if you have any issues with the CD’s.

Since it appears Nick is not going to promote this CD…anyone interested just let me know directly. I correct some errors in the book and expand into more detail any of the electrical issues shown in the book while doing the audio cd.

Hey Guys,

Those of you awaiting the CD’s, the latest batch will be going out first of next week. Thank You…

Hey Paul how do I order

I am also interested

The attachment that Paul included on his first post has the information on ordering.

I own the book and it is nice to have for the library.

Can I get that in Guru Stereo? :smiley:

So…how did you like the Audio CD guys…alot of information crammed in 13 hours of my rambling…lol

Is it an mp3 CD or can I play it in my car? Also can you ship it to Canada

Paul…how do we get the book and the audio?


Can I use PayPal?

Nope…Check, Money Order or Cash only directly from me and it also goes in to way more detail than the book does while still following the books format.

Actually you wont find it on my GURU site…it is only available from the PDF order form that is at the very first post of this thread.

Paul, that is what actually delayed our promoting this. In an email exchange I had with you about selling these (and you know I only scan emails because of my inability to read well), you responded with a sentence that began “I don’t have the capacity…” I took it to mean that you didn’t have the capacity to supply these yet, but I re-read it and you were actually explaining that you didn’t have the capacity to sell it online and that you didn’t have a webpage with the offer for me to point to when promoting. Sorry for the delay. We’re working to carry it and make it available for purchase online at www.InspectorOutlet.com .

Thats ok Nick…no worries

Putting the finishing touches on the VIDEO…should be ready in a few weeks.

I just sent a check in for 10. I’m going to use them as a door prize to promote.

Happy birthday Paul!