13 yrs in Electrical, and my first Zinsco

I though I would attach some pics.

Picture 053.jpg

Picture 053.jpg

Picture 053.jpg

Picture 056.jpg

Picture 052.jpg

Picture 055.jpg

Picture 054.jpg

By gosh Ben I think you have JP beat…:smiley:

As far as decrepit looking equipment!..:shock:

I had my first Zinsco and my first Pushmatic this year… milestones…

Your first one and you hit the jackpot - 3 in one wall. . .

lol…so many things wrong with those panels OTHER than being a Zinsco…great pics…if you never said a word about them being Zinscos you will still find PLENTY to defer those panels about…:slight_smile:

Ben be careful out there - didn’t take me 13 years, but my real estate agent did warn me first about this house (I finally asked, should the report be rewritten to indicate things that are right in the house) - most everything in the pics were believe it or not within a childs reach, the ones with corrsion were found in the crawlspace without panel covers + aluminum wiring +, +, + (might add, extreme difficult for me to get the pics, junk everywhere underneath and I didn’t want to get to close), but again within easy reach for a child to crawl to, crawlspace with missing access panel to prevent a childs access - might recognize the cover plates from earlier posts




. . . more (upload limit) from same job . . .






. . . and finally the last photo . . . (wish I knew how to make these photos smaller in files size, but bigger to view)